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Thermom. Digital Fridge/Freezer Display Caterchef (Velcro Fixing [14:THER:FFTD]

This unit is a temperature indictor and monitor for use with fridges and freezers.

  • The digital display shows the temperature inside the fridge if the probe is placed inside the cool area, and the small wire is brought outside the fridge and passed through the soft door seals.The wire will still let the seal be intact.
  • Also displays the room temperature and the fridge temp (push button switch between the 2)
  • Temperature sensor on the main unit will measure from: -10 up to +50C.
  • Temperature sensor on the end of the cable will measure from: -50 up to +70C.
  • Accuracy is +/- 1C over the full range.

The unit also incorporates an alarm and a memory of the maximum and minimum temperatures the fridge or freezer has reached.

This is a great tool for monitoring safe temperatures inside a coolroom, freezer or fridge.

The unit incorporates magnetic and velcro mounting kits.

The probe (on a 1 meter long strong wire) can be hung inside the fridge or screw mounted using the kit provided.

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